Experiment 626, part 2

You won’t believe it, but I ACTUALLY fainted!
I was out for about 10 seconds, that seemed like forever. It was a strange feeling that I’d never experienced before. I was in luck, since I had an excuse to leave that place and never come back again.
I said « Bye » to everybody and walked out of the building. It was bloody cold outside! I passed a gas station and saw the neon lights of the local bar. Well, needless to say, I decided to have a drink!

At that time, I had no clue that I had a minor heart problem that caused the stop of the blood flow for a moment. I walked into a bar and sat down right in the middle to have a chat with a bartender; having an occasional small talk is what I like the most in the US of A.
A shot of Jack Daniels gave me a warm feeling on the inside and a little sting in my mouth. There’s something about being along in a bar and drinking by yourself. I didn’t even feel sorry for being lonely and unwanted. Who cares anyways… as if you can be sure that people who are with you truly care for you. « Take care of number ONE », that’s their spirit. I’m pretty sure you all know who this number ONE is…
Ah, these little things in life that make it less miserable. To you, Jack Daniels!

-Now way! Look who the cat dragged in! Dorian Cleaver! What are you doing here?
– What does it look like I’m doing? Raising awareness for women’s rights in the Middle East!
– Don’t be so hostile! Can I join you for a drink?

For a moment there I was about to get up and leave, I wasn’t ready for my former college roommate to butt in right when I was feeling kind of happy and absorbed in my own thoughts… I actually hate when it happens. When you need somebody, they all pretend to have their own life, being busy with nonsense; but right there, when you’re having a moment of peace and, I’d say,  don’t need anybody at all, there they show up, looking happy and supportive. Well, Guy, where have you been when I needed a person to talk to and was feeling down? Or, right, it wasn’t a good time for you to have company…

I had all those thoughts at once and muttered:

– Sure, have a sit. I’m very glad you came over! Nice to have company right now..
(I must admit, I don’t usually lie that much in such a short period of time)…

to be continued

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