Generation Next

The other day I was on my way to the store, walking behind two approximately 8 year old boys who were chatting without being aware that I’m behind them I guess. Here’s a little dialog they had:

– So what are you gonna get for « Men’s day »?

– Men’s day? When is that? (now, I have to make a note, February 23rd is a Men’s day in Russia, since going to the army is mandatory for all men, women should give presents to all men on this special day, not only to their husbands, sons, and fathers, but co-workers and friends as well. It’s is not called « Men’s day » , but « the Day of the Protectors of the Motherland » to be exact).

– It’s coming soon, so what do you want to get?

– I want a d*ck, sex and porn!


Right as this moment, I was sorry to overhear a conversation like this… I dread a future of Russia with future men like this!

I assure, that I translated everything word-by-word… This is how kids talk now! o_O

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Une réflexion sur “Generation Next

  1. Kais

    Где продолжение? 😉 I hope you are ok girl

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