The Awakening

I have just realized that my blog was yet again posts free for a very long time. I even forgot that I had a fictional story going on lol I’m sure that not many people have been having an unscratchible itch in the brain trying not to think of what had happened to Dorian. I might as well go back to finishing the story when I feel particularly inspired.

For starters, I’m not in Russia anymore and not in Las Vegas either. I’m residing now in a beautiful city of Paris. I must say that I’ve been dreaming of coming here for a long time. My first impression of the French capital is still engraved in my memory – BLOODY AWESOME! lol (I hope you weren’t expecting any romantic description because I’ve just ruined it). Paris is very special. It strikes me as being sophisticated,  magical, enchanting, fascinating, hectic, shocking and somewhat even scary. It is the city where luxurious boutiques and overpriced cafés meet the foulness of piss and decomposing cigarette butts. Russia may sound scary for some foreigners, but never have I seen two men relieving themselves right next to the library entrance… only in Paris so far… To be honest, I’ve seen quite an impressive number of men doing number one in the broad daylight in the open space ( so NOT cool!!!) It’s very weird because there are a number of automatic toilets set up all over the city so things like that don’t happen.

On the negative side, there are also a lot of people who are going to try to steal your money. Pickpockets. Whether you’re in Louvre, looking at Mona Lisa, or taking a subway, or just waiting in line to buy a ticket – ALWAYS watch out for your purse.
When I went to Louvre to look at Mona Lisa, I was surprised to see how small the painting was compared to the two big posters « Beware of pickpockets » on each side of La Joconde! However, I assume that they are indeed necessary. While you’re standing there, mesmerized by Mona Lisa’s smile, unaware of the crowd around you, you may not notice that a dude who has just rubbed against your back is not just a fellow art-lover but a professional pickpocket.

While taking a subway I have noticed another strange thing… Some Whatever-day morning I’m taking a subway to go to work. I’m going down on the escalator and see a person with a strangely familiar face: a bearded man in his late fifties, wearing a read hat and having this sad look in his eyes… I’m thinking to myself that I’ve seen this man somewhere … but I can’t remember where… in a couple of days I realized that I’ve seen that man begging for money on the subway and pretending that he had a part of his leg amputated (a part from the knee down). I’ve already seen 3 people like this on the subway, crawling on the floor and begging for money… and at least for one of them I’m sure that he has both legs just fine!

Coming back to the magical Paris… Well, smelly subway, creepy people and pickpockets is not a good way to describe Paris. It IS a . beautiful city! The architecture is fascinating, the buildings are impressive and when you look at them, you cannot help but feel amazed and bewildered. Notre Dame de Paris is a true piece of art! There are not enough words to describe how impressed I was when I first saw it. Besides, Victor Hugo had already done it justice and kept it from being demolished (yay to that!).

Signing off for now,
à la prochaine 🙂


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